Architects: Raúl Sánchez Architects
Location: Carrer 10, Castelldefels (Barcelona)
Floor space: 180 m² including first and second floors

This old home located in Castelldefels (Barcelona) was transformed by Raúl Sánchez Architects into a 180 m² dual-purpose dwelling designed for seasonal rental. Structural limitations posed a major challenge to this renovation and reform project.

For this integral renovation project, the architectural features of the home were preserved to the extent possible. Because demolition was not an option due to budgetary constraints, the chosen course was to update the two floors while preserving most of the structural elements.

On the first floor, the kitchen was opened up to the living room and a dining area was created. Through an opening by means of a 180 cm curved partition, it was possible to create a separate area without dividing the space. On the second floor, the main bedroom was restructured, making it a fully functional and flexible room that can be adapted to the needs of each guest.