Architects: Luis Felipe Infiesta and Blanca Durban
Location: Maresme (Barcelona)
Floor space: 400 m²

Integral rehabilitation of a detached single-family house with two floors located on a large 12,000 m2 plot on a hill facing the sea with privileged views of the Maresme coastline.

The original house was built over 100 years ago. During the Spanish Civil War it was the seat of the French Consulate after the bombing of Barcelona in March 1938. Later in the mid-50s it was renovated by the prestigious Catalan architect Francesc Mitjans, author among other works like the FC Barcelona stadium ( 1957) or the Banco Atlántico Tower (1969). The Project by Luis Felipe Infiesta and Blanca Durban has been deeply respectful of the character of the home, which has been updated and equipped with all the comforts of a modern home, turning it into a comfortable and unique space.