Architects: Twobo – Luis Twose
Location: Sant Vicenç, Cabrera de Mar (Barcelona)
Floor space: 1,080 m² including basement, first and second floors

This multi-family dwelling measuring 1,080 m² in Cabrera de Mar (Barcelona) was designed in 2019 by Twobo and Luis Twose. Simple materials such as concrete, pine wood and ceramic were used in the construction of this three-story dwelling.

On its north side, the building reflects the hollows, colors and composition of the old town of Cabrera de Mar. The building opens onto the street on this side through large hallways housing the common areas. By contrast, the building takes on a more contemporary vibe on its south face, opening up to the sun and the views. It is on this side that the units are exposed to the sun and life on terraces or patios.

For each unit, a fluid transition between these two poles is created by single and double circular walkways as well as long visual diagonals crossing the entire floor. The volumes that articulate and make all of this movement possible are located in the center of each unit. A lattice created by the concrete structure acts as a filter, forming loggias and pergolas that protect the interior of the dwellings.