Architects: 08023 Architects
Location: carrer Victor Català, Sant Boi de Llobregat (Barcelona)
Floor space: 350 m² three-story home.

This is a three-story home built using natural and sustainable, low-maintenance materials.

The kitchen and the living-dining areas form the heart of the structure connected to the yard and the swimming pool by a large window. A minimalist staircase that facilitates the passage of light and cross ventilation in the living-dining area leads to a corridor on the upper floor that connects the bedrooms of this single-family home.

The structural lightness of the house is reflected in the linear design of the home’s exterior which features travertine marble and black sheet metal. The south-facing windows have a solar control system that regulates the temperature inside the home. Other features include an energy-efficient air conditioning system, radiant floor heating, generous insulation and low-consumption lighting.