Architects: 08023 Architects
Location: Esplugues de Llobregat (Barcelona)
Floor space: 328 m² distribuidos en sótano, Planta baja, primera y segunda.

On this occasion, the clients wanted to renovate the interior of the house, which over the years had become somewhat outdated, and they unavoidably needed the work to be completed within a maximum period of six weeks. Therefore, we had to plan and coordinate all the activities down to the smallest detail in order to complete the order on the agreed date.

Among the interventions carried out, it is worth mentioning the parquet flooring with oak slats with a traditional herringbone pattern on the upper floors and the large-sized porcelain stoneware flooring on the ground floor of the house, new coverings and equipment in bathrooms and kitchen, the exterior flooring of the ground floor terrace and the replacement of all the lighting in the house.