Architects: Eduard and Valeria Mayoral
Location: Cabrera de Mar (Barcelona)
Floor space: 236 m²

Project Description:

This project consists in a new construction of a turnkey single-family building with 236 m² in the heart of Maresme. Designed by the architects Eduard and Valeria Mayoral, this house combines modernism and functionality, giving a comfortable and elegant space.

Characteristics of the house:

  • Two levels:

    • Ground floor: This is the living area where we find a single space that includes dining-room, living-room, kitchen, hall and the stairs. It is characterized by a small difference in level and a free height of almost 3 meters. This space is flooded with natural light thanks to two large sliding glass-doors that provides great views and  a  width acces to the garden.
    • Top floor: Dedicated to relax, this area have two bedrooms and an owner’s suite. Between the bedrooms there is an open space that runs through the house from one side to the opposite one. This space is used like an office and a living-room. The roller blinds  allowed the entrance of light at will.
  • Outdoors:

    • Annexed construction: La house has a small attached building that could be used as a storage room, workroom, among other uses.
    • Terraces and Platforms: Several terraces and platforms are available to park vehicles and enjoy the privileged enviroment with privacy.

This single-family building in Cabrera de Mar stands out for its innovative design and its integration with the enviroment, giving a comfortable and luxurious life inside of an exlusive area from Maresme.