Architects: Ferran Huerta – Jordi Llobell
Location: Xerric 7-9 (Sant Cugat del Vallès)
Floor space: 675 m², including a ground floor and a 2nd story.

These two buildings included in the Special Plan for the Protection of the Architectural Heritage of Sant Cugat del Vallès were renovated by the architects Ferran Huerta and Jordi Llobell in 2020. The renovation project sought to restore the splendor of the buildings which had been lost over the years while maintaining the facade and interior structure.

This renovation project involved a meticulous restoration of deteriorated surfaces while preserving the original ornamental elements which, once restored, would revive the original character of the building’s exterior.

The interior wall structure of the buildings was only altered to the extent necessary to adapt it to the new layout agreed with the client. The building houses two commercial spaces and three residential units with high-quality finishes and top-of-the-line equipment.

The radiant floor heating is powered by natural gas condensing boilers reinforced with solar thermal collectors. The air conditioning system consists of a network of ducts concealed behind dropped ceilings and powered by heat pumps that use inverter technology.